The name Shantivan (pronounced “shanti-one”) means peaceful forest. Located in Faribault, MN, Shantivan Dhyan Center was built by Swami Kenananda in 1999 in order to honor his Guru, Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. After completing his tapas (seven years of deep meditation), Swami Kena began to receive the vision for Shantivan through his meditations.

Shantivan Dhyan Center is dedicated to awakening people to the higher self through meditation and self enquiry. A typical at the ashram begins with a class around the fire studying the scriptures. After the class, an Aarti is performed for Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, and everyone sits for a one hour meditation. The rest of the day is spent performing Seva (selfless service) on the various ongoing projects that need tending to here at Shantivan. The focus is always directed towards experiencing oneness and reaching the absolute.

People of all different beliefs, religions and spiritual paths are welcome to visit Shantivan.